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Randi Bowslaugh Coach

Living a busy life is normal nowadays but then we forget to take care of ourselves. In this blog I will give you ideas on how to be and stay –


Latest from the Blog

What is the ‘Sun Vitamin’

I think most people realize that sunlight is important for our health but did you know that it gives us an important vitamin? Vitamin D comes from the sun (and a few other foods but the sun is key). Most people (espeically in places that have a dark winter) are defcient in vitamin D. In…

Weight does NOT Define You

Recently, I was training a long-time client and she was saying that the scale was not going down. I know that can be extremely frustrating when you are working out frequently and doing what you are supposed to be doing. The expectation is that the number on the scale will decrease, but that is not…

Dental Fit

Today’s post might seem off topic but since I enjoy spreading knowledge about overall fitness and health this topic is right on track. Many don’t realize how important dental health truly is, and until I was an adult I would roll my eyes at my mother’s constant reminding to brush my teeth. Who cares if…

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